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Yum in a Box provides fresh and healthy meal plans for your kids, delivered daily to your doorstep. We prepare nutritious and well-balanced meals for children between the ages of 2 to 10 years old.

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Our promise is to bring you fresh, healthy and nutritious food, you would be proud to serve your kids.


Our hearty breakfast is composed of a mid-morning snack along with a side dish. We offer a wide variety of morning meals. Some of our items include: pancakes, frittatas, puddings, oatmeal, oat bars, sandwiches, and the list goes on and on! The side dish is always a fruit.

Our delicious lunch is a hot homemade meal. We want kids to feel as if they are eating straight from their mothers’ ovens. The warm meal is composed of a lunch along with a side dish. It will keep your child satisfied and full of energy the whole day! Some of our items include: stews, finger foods, and pastas to name a few. We offer international dishes from all the four corners of the world. The side dishes are either salads, or vegetables to compliment the lunch.

Our satisfying afternoon snack is just what your child needs to end their day at school. Some of our items include: sandwiches, muffins, cakes, dips, pizzas, yogurts etc. They are usually served at room temperature and can even be consumed once your child has returned home from school.

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"As a mom of a 3 years old, i try to cook the healthiest food possible  for my family while trying to manage my busy schedule and tight budget. Yum in a box has been a savior from all perspectives!  They offer delicious food , yet healthy and at a very affordable price. I couldn't have asked better for my son and i definitely rely on them with no guilt whatsover!   And i can actually use my 'free' time to spend time with my kid rather than cooking - Words by a happy mama :) - Stephanie Chamy"

"I have been using Yum in a box for a number of months now and have to say the service is fantastic. Food is delivered safe and securely every morning with a great variety of food my son wouldn’t have at home. With busy working life’s Yum in a Box is a life saver for us as this ensure our son gets a nutritional meal every day, not only is the food great but the customer service is fantastic as well. Happy parents here 🙂 - Sarah Williams"

"Delicious healthy meals packed with hidden veggies and actually taste fantastic! I find Yum in a Box very convenient on the days I send my toddler to daycare. I know he's getting the next best thing to a home cooked meal for lunch and he adores them too! - Melissa Maalouf"

"Yum in a Box: Excellent Service. Very fast and reliable. Meals are good and diversified. Thanks to Yum, we have been able to overcome the difficulties over Covid19 period. Thanks again! -Daya Eric"

"The food is so delicious, generous portions and great prices. My kids loved it and I highly recommended it to everyone. We love YUM in a BOX – Joelle Merhi "

"Fantastic service. Always on time and never any problems. Would highly recommend to anyone. - Tony Berry "

"Excellent choice for nutritious and tasty meals for kids, on the whole offers an amazing service. I highly recommend! - Morenji Shobande "

"We have been counting on Yum in a Box for over 6 months now. We absolutely love the variety! My picky 2 years old eats 90% of the offered food. I love that the meals are very similar to home cooked food and the portions are right(even more than right) for the little ones. We have tried multiple options for meal deliveries but definitely Yum in a Box won over them with the great variety, quality and customer service. - Omnia Madwar"