ABOUT US | Yum in a Box UAE

Our story and how it began

It all started in 2016! The wide availability of unhealthy food options coupled with the selective nature of fussy eaters, has led to a significant rise in child obesity and other related health issues, especially amongst children in the Middle East. As a result, children in the region are increasingly experiencing nutritional gaps in their daily diet. With a shortage of tasty, healthy options in school canteens, and because working parents are too busy to explore food preparation options for their children, we decided to create a product that is healthy, fun and educational to ensure children’s dietary requirements are met with minimal resistance. Yum in a Box revolves around providing, on a daily basis, healthy and fresh food that appeals to children and tastes as good as it looks!

Our mission is to make children fall in love with healthy, wholesome food! Our meals are delicious, nutritious and can be adapted to any requirement. We serve them in a playful box that includes colorful characters, games and more.

What we stand for

Teaching kids through play

Yum in a Box aims at raising awareness of the importance of healthy eating by educating children through different characters and engaging games. Our unique and environmentally friendly packaging are multi- functional and can be reused for kids to enjoy at home.

Making healthy food look GOOD!

Our food tastes as good as it looks! Our prime focus is to provide the same level of consistency and quality every day. We raise the standard by providing parents the nutritious, freshly made meals they trust to feed their children.

One of a kind customer service

Our team is focused on providing the absolute best quality service for our customers. With the “know –how” and motivation, we go above and beyond to make it a unique experience for our clients.

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