Terms & Conditions

Product Information

Welcome to Yum in a Box, your child’s meal box filled with healthy and delicious surprises! Here’s what you need to know about Yum in a Box.

To start your child’s journey with Yum in a Box, you need to first register for your child’s meals. This can be done either through our website or through the nursery, school we are in partnership with. We accept online registration as well as over the phone. Yum in a Box accepts weekly, monthly and termly subscriptions.

Now, once registration is complete, you will start to receive your food 48hrs upon subscription. Once the food is received, please make sure to store it in the refrigerator. Food is to be removed only a few minutes before consumption. All meals can be heated in a microwave or in an oven and distributed as soon as they are ready.

And do not worry because your meals will be delivered in cool, insulated boxes with ice packs to preserve freshness. But please, do not forget to place them in the fridge immediately.

Please keep in mind that our food has a 24-hour life expectancy and is not to be consumed after.

Payment & Shipping information

Yum in a box meals are delivered 48hrs upon subscription. You will receive your meals daily based on the plan you choose (full day, half day or lunch only options available).

Your payments are made easy with us!

They can be made by cash, checks, online or via bank transfers.

By subscribing online, you allow the automatic deduction of the monthly subscription which happens at the start of each billing cycle. If you decide to cancel your subscription, Yum in a Box will not deduct more than the last cycle paid for.

Return & Refund policy

In case we fail to deliver your meal, Yum in a Box has a refund policy. If this happens to you, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team, and they will be happy to assist you!

However, please note that the food that has been delivered cannot be returned or refunded.

Cancellation and Registration

You have enough time to register for a plan, or to even cancel your plan! Yum in Box requires a 48 hours’ notice for registration and cancellation. If you provide a week’s notice, we accept an upgrade or a downgrade to our different package options.


Things that you need to know about our food:

We will be more than happy to assist with your child’s food allergies by keeping in mind that:

  • Some of Yum in a Box’s food may contain dairy or gluten
  • We do not accommodate severe allergies.
  • Please do notify Yum in a Box in advance if your child has any form of food allergy; otherwise, we will not be held responsible for any allergies that may arise from the food we deliver.